Saturday, September 24, 2011

Best Screen Capture Freeware

We are very much familiar with screenshot of web page. All browser provide this service as add on or plug-in. But what about screen shot of a folder or part of folder or image of a desktop or any particular portion of a program you want to set in your blog?
what you will do? Bring our your digital camera or turn your web cam from you to screen?
No need. Here is a very small and easy software by which you can take photo of your pc whatever and whenever you want. Size of it is also very small. Only 2.56MB. But highly useful.
Current version: 1.2.0
Support OS: Windows Vista,WinXP, Win2000
Screen Capture Features:
  • Capture full screen, active window.
  • Capture windows, buttons, toolbar, controls and other windows objects.
  • Capture selected region.
  • Capture scrolling windows and entire web pages.
  • Capture fix-size region.
Image Editing Features:
  • Tabbed multi-document viewer and editor.
  • Add text annotation, stamps and other objects using drawing tools.
  • Directly edit images: crop, cut, paste, scale, mirror, rotate.
  • Change the appearance of images: blur, sharpen, brighten etc.
  • Save picture as most popular formats: bmp, jpg, gif, png, tiff.
  • Auto-saved captured images.
  • Support hot keys, user can define hot keys.
  • Automatically copy screenshots to the clipboard.
  • Can run in system tray.


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