Monday, September 12, 2011

Delete unnecessary perfetch file automatically with one click


To day we will come to know about simple “notepad” tips. Gradually there accumulate a lot of prefetch files in our pc which make our pc slow. So we need to delete that periodically and most of us do that via starting menu and “run” . But we can make it easier by using only a simple task with note pad.

For that you have to select a place in your hard disk(should be in first page of any drive where you frequently visit). Then you have to make a text document with the name of  “deleteprefetch” (For making this: My computer > Any drive(D/E/F/G) >Right click> New> text documents).

Then open this newly form file by double click and write (or copy paste from here)

“  del C:\Windows\Prefetch\*.* /Q   ”   and save the file and choose "All files” during saving after going through “Save as type”

Now look that there a Batch file has been created. That is ok and done.

Now Just Double click over it time to time and your prefetch files will be deleted.

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