Saturday, September 24, 2011

Left hander? Convert right button of mouse into left


There are lots of separate function of right and left button of mouse. But who are left hander, may face problem with this. So for them here is an option to make right button into left one and left button into right one. This is called Swaping of button

Just follow this: Start>Run>regedit>enter   “Registry editor” window will come. Then go: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse(double click)

Then look at the right side. There you will get a field named “SwapMouseButtons “ almost at the bottom. Double click on that and change value from “0” to “1”(value 0=normal button and value 1=swap button)

If there are no button named SwapMouseButtons then you have to make one. Follow this:Edit>New> String Value(name it with “SwapMouseButtons”)

Then do OK and come out of registry editor.

Then you have to restart your PC to be effective of this.

If you want to revert back, then go again there and alter “1” with “0”

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