Monday, September 12, 2011

Post your blog in blog site without entering there.


Yeh. it is “window live writer” which is giving you chance to post your blog in  blog site just from your desktop. No need to enter into blog site. It is very easier to write , edit, as you are writing something in microsoft word.

They allow posting in windows live space, sharepointblog, blogger . wordpress, typepad and few others.

To use that you have to download that. write “windows live essential” in google search box, or you can write directly “windows live writer”. Actually in essential you will get other stuff also and writer will be part of that. Important other things in live essential are windows live call, windows live family safety, windows live messenger, window live photo gallery, windows live mail. So all these features you will get from on things.

When download, you will get an installation file at first of about.1.18MB. Then when you will proceed that will be directly installed in your PC.

After down loading and installation you have to add your blog site with blog url and user name and password. You can add multiple site  or URL here.

Here you can write, edit, insert any table or photo, hyper links and anything that are done with microsoft word. While you are writing here, you can save that here and you can publish in your blog in convenient time.

After publishing post you can retrieve that here also as it shows your published post here. So to edit post, you also no need to enter into site.

There are lot of applications for this. You can add those to make your blog more attractive.

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