Saturday, September 17, 2011

Submit your sites in search engine!!!


Everyone who are new in making a blog or have made his own site recently, badly wants visitors in his site. What if his site is shown is search engine when people search related topics? I think that would be better.

Here is a good site by which you can submit your site in 140 search engine and other sites!!! No need to resister, or pay anything or advertise anywhere. Just enter through the given link and start submission.

Before you submit, make sure your website is online and functioning.(no under construction pages). Some engines may require your e-mail confirmation for submission. Enter an alternate e-mail and check your inbox after submission.

Do not enter your main e-mail address, you may receive spam messages. Select the engines you want to submit your website and hit the "Submit" button and wait. For a better ranking repeat the operation every 3-4 weeks but not sooner !.(you may get banned)!!!!

start submission

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