Friday, July 13, 2012

some useful computer tips

If you want to make the computer run FASTER than before then, follow the next steps:

Process # 1

Go to “Control Panel” then select the Administrative tools > Local Security Policy > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options

Then find “Shutdown: Clear Virtual Memory Page File” and double click on it and enable the option. Then click “OK”.

Process # 2

Go to RUN then write TREE and press OK

Do the same process once or twice, and your PC will fun as faster as you wanted before.

 If you want to send your photograph without any attachment but on your mail body, then follow the next few steps:

Process # 1

Go to your GMAIL™ account and look for “Settings” then click on “Labs” button. Now you’ll find out so many options to enhance your Gmail’s performance.

You have to find out “Inserting Image” option. Then click on enable and after that restart Gmail and click “Compose” and you’ll see a new button for inserting images. 

Process # 2

Go to www.tinypic. com or www.imagesheck. us and upload your photograph in the site. Then wait for upload the image on the site. Then copy the image that you just have uploaded and paste it on your composing mail. Isn’t that so easy? Yes it is!

 If your computer is having HANG issue and having “Not responding” issue then try this formula from now on: 

Go to START > RUN then write regedit and then press enter.

HKEY_CURRENT_ USER > Control Panel > Desktop

Look for “AutoEndTask” and double click on it and after that put the value 1 instead of 0 then press OK.

If you want to STARTUP your computer FASTER than before follow these:

Go to Start button then Run write Msconfig and look for the Tab “Startup” then click “Deselect All” and followed by “Close”

Restart your computer and see the magic of this configuration.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + Enter           = www. (e.g) .com
Alt + Tab              = Next window
Ctrl + T                = New tab
Ctrl + Tab             = Next tab
Windows + M        = Minimize all
Alt + F4               = Closing application
Ctrl + W               = Closing particular tab or window
Ctrl + C                = Copy the particular document
Ctrl + V                = Paste it
Ctrl + X                 = Cut
Ctrl + B                 = Bold text
Ctrl + I                  = Italic text
Ctrl + U                 = Underline text
Ctrl + A                 = Select all
Ctrl + P                 = Print
Ctrl + }                 = Enhance the size of text
Ctrl + {                 = Downsizing the size of text
Shift + Del             = Deleting the document permanently
Alt + 3                  = Redo